beautiful, tragic love
RyoShige → by your side
because i miss them so much and i'm rereading all the fics and i'm cry


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I really really really miss them so much and I can't be the only one, right?! ; w ;

just another day in paradise
Makoto Tachibana → my ray of sunshine
Things that are awesome:

1. Nutella
2. Banana with chocolate sauce
3. Days off
4. Lazy afternoons
5. Makoharu <3

Anyway, HI! If you're still here (whoever you are), I'm still alive and kicking! I just haven't had the time to be blogging, er writing about my boring life. I do want to keep this journal active though; even if I don't have anyone interesting in this boring journal.

Moving on, SEVEN COLORSSS!! It's been weeks since Best Artist but I'm still in love with that performance<3 Idc if Tegoshi is the only one belting out sounds, it's the four of them performing again and I'm easily pleased. xD But really, can we have the full clean-studio version of this song?? It's so pretty; I like it<3 Also, SHIGE WEARING BLUE. WEARING BLUE! hahahaha, noooo, definitely not thinking about ryoshige ^^; I love these dorks and everything about them makes me happy<3

Anyway, this it for now. Like usual, I end up flailing over NEWS. I wanted to talk about my other obsession (Free! Makoharu!!!) but I feel like I'll take too much time and space... maybe next time. Until then, I'll continue listening to Seven Colors~~


we'll make this a beautiful love
NEWS → we&#39;ll make this a beautiful love


Things I loved about this PV:
1. NEWS in white
2. Their cute little hats *_*
3. Shige biting the mic cord
4. KoyaShige kneeling in front of Tegoshi during the bridge
5. Massu's everything
6. Koyama's strip tease


In other news, I decided that I should probably start reading again. Idk when was the last time I actually read a novel. >.> also signing up for the summer reading program that the public library is doing might help things along, it also helps that it decks off $10 dollars off my overdue fine (which I still owe btw >.<), if I read up to 100 points. So, books over 80 pages is 10 points, books over 600 pages is 60 points, so all I have to do is read two books with over 600 pages... yeah, we'll see how it goes. But I'm all pumped up and ready to read. \:D/ Hopefully, I'll be able to finish my log by the first of Septemeber. Anyone recommend a good book? :P

you say goodbye, i say hello
Shigeaki → rockin&#39; to the beat of my ♥
Wow, I haven't posted in ages. And I feel like I should since I'm not really absent from LJ.
Usually I'm just lurking through comms nowadays. And because I have nothing interesting to blog about. Such is my life. :|
Also my computer broke too ; but I decided to blog a little today though.
though blogging through my iPod is no fun, I can't even post pictures or videos D:

So this is old news, or maybe not, but I am obsessed with Shige's hair. It looks so pretty on him. *_* Seems like lately, I've been paying more attention to Shige. I mean, he's always been good-looking to me, but man is there something different about him. Must be the hair, but he's looking absolutely gorgeous.
Just Look At Him! *____________* So pretty. He might become my ultimate bias if he keeps it up.

Speaking of, CHANKAPANA is almost out. I can't wait. This means more TV appearances for NEWS, which is what I was waiting for since I became a fan. :) My chankapanas are looking good as always and I can't wait until the PV is out ♥

Anyway, I wanted to say more but my brain is dead and I can't seem to think about anything else. Another time, I guess :)

so raise your glass
Shigeaki → you light up my world
★ - I'm a little late, but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO minna! I think this year started off amazing! First of all, NEWS WAS ON COUNTDOWN asdfdsasdfasdf!!! *________________________* I WAS SO HAPPY!! they all looked so gorgeous and pretty. Massu with his hair. Unfff. Srsly, Massu is the only man that I know who can be adorable, gorgeous and sexy at the same time. And have I mentioned the Andalucia performance?? *A* Just, News didn't have enough screening time, not enough. But the few shots of the fans holding uchiwas made it up! It's like they're saying News is back and they're here to stay. <33

★ - It's also January, and what does that mean?? Shige's book is almost out!! I can't wait! Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to translate the novel. i'm greddy, i know <.< Talking about Shige's book, I just read the most adorable fic about Shige's progress in writing his novel. His conflicting feelings at the beginning, being all butthurt about Ryo and Pi; and slowly coming to an acceptance towards the situation through his writing. And why do I think that this probably happen IRL?? >.>
Also, the DEKA WANKO SPECIAL!!! <3<3 I cannot wait for the SP! Deka Wanko was one of my favorite Tego drama, so I'm glad Kiri is backkk!! Lucky Seven is another drama I'm looking forward to seeing. Naka Riisa will be in it. Not to mention Matsujun! *_* AND AND KEI-CHAN!! He'll play as Jun's brother, and will probably not have a lot of screening time, but still, I'm so excited!! and maybe he'll appear in VS Arashi *A* /is hopeful

★ - Everything about this translation is adorable, ok? x'D Shige/Maruyama the secret OTP I didn't even know I liked! Makes me want to read a Shige/Maru fic now. -.- Are there any Shige/Maru fics in the first place?? And talking about fics, I just wrote a Ryo/Shige fic, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Should I post it or just let it rot away on my hard-drive?? Such are the conflictions of my life. c:

Phew, and with that, I'm done! I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve and started 2012 with a positive feeling!! And may 2012 be more joyous and wonderful for you. ♥

girl, you're amazing
Shigeaki → rockin&#39; to the beat of my ♥
And Yuuko is at it again!:
... except that this time, Tego was dressed in a pink cheerleader's uniform, complete with a blonde high ponytail and knee high socks.
- Tegomasu fan report

I really want to see a picture of this!! *____________* Even more so because "the skirt was too short" and "he looked amazing." Behold the power of Yuuko! XD
Even Massu couldn't be immune:
So Massu lifted [Tego]'s skirt

BUT! Yuuko wasn't so innocent:
Actually, Tego offered his bum to Massu.

asfhlljfsdfghjklasdfghjkl;lkjhgddsakhfsfh! This whole concert has been full of Tegomasu Ai! Hugging, leaning close to each other, kissing. I can't even!! I hope there's a DVD release, cause I need to see these moments, for real! :) ♥

this is the part where I wish I had a Yuuko icon ._____.

young, wild and free
Shigeaki → rockin&#39; to the beat of my ♥
So I realized that fandom is eating my brain. I'm not kidding. It's like I'm breathing and living fandom. It's getting kind of pathetic. I haven't been this obsessed with a fandom since the last Harry Potter book came out. *-* Talking about books, I just remembered that I had some overdo books from the library, and now I owe the library more than 10 dollars. Great, just what I needed. See, this is what JE and my laziness does to me. -______________- I need a more exciting life.

On another note, I found this while browsing through the Tegoshi tag in Tumblr. I srsly don't know why I linked it, it just amused me so! Maybe because at some point fangirls do fantasize about this stuff. Or maybe not?

Also, because clearly I have the need to point this out, there's this:
I want to do this with OO!
Q2 Trip
S: Tsubasa-kun. We can go to Spain together and he'll save me with his Spanish.
M: Tsubasa-kun. Because the country I want to go to the most right now is Spain.
T: Murakami-kun. We can go to Spain to watch soccer together!

So in short, where Shige goes, Massu follows. And Tegoshi comes up with an excuse to go where Massu goes. Can I has steamy OT3 fic now?? :o
And one more:
Q3 Unit
M: Nakamaru-kun. We'll sing and I want to do a beat box collaboration. It'll even be more interested with Tegomasu!

Because the world needs more Massu/Maru BFF-ry. Also, I read that Nakamaru also wants to do a collaboration with Tegomass. And that in one of Tegomasu's concert, they copied Nakamaru's beat boxing. *___* So clearly, this needs to happen!
Anyways, both of those quotes are from the same interview, HERE

every time i gaze at you, it's chu chu chu
Tegomass → only the two of us
I was listening to Chu Chu Chu! & it made me think of this. xD That is all; just felt like sharing the Tegomass Ai. ♥
A fan letter - "How does Massu feel when Tegoshi wants to kiss him?"
Massu: "Eh? To kiss me?"
Tego: "Yeah, like at one of the lives, when we pretended to almost do it."
Massu: "What kind of feeling I have?" *thinks for awhile* "Like STOP IT."
Tego: "Your eyes look kinda bad now, the atmosphere now seems a little bad. Hey, I did my best to want to kiss you!"

Massu: "Tegoshi, how about you. It's more like how do YOU feel right."
Tego: "Hmm... when I'm on stage, my power switch is like 'DON!' switched on. Hmm, there are certain things that I actually don't really remember.. Like what did I do..."
Massu: "Ehhhhh... what if our lips really met, then you don't remember? If I'm a girl, that would be really terrible!"
Tego: "Oh dear, that's really bad. O_O"

Arai Chisato: "Err, sooo you two haven't???"
Massu: "NO NO, we haven't."
Tego: "No, not the lips, cause usually Massu would be singing when I go up to him, so I go for the cheek. Like all American."
Massu: "Ahh if you think of it like that, then it's normal."
Tego: "Yeahhh but for Japanese... it's a little too much communication..."

Arai Chisato: "So, does Massu want to kiss Tegoshi some times?"
Massu: "NO, I DON'T."
Tego: "Eh? You don't? Ahhh then this is embarrassing..."

-Tegomasu no Radio by arrowind

i was alone but you found me, and now i'll never ever be the same
Shigeaki → rockin&#39; to the beat of my ♥
Lately , I've been feeling downnn, like, i feel like doing nothing at all
-__________- So what do I do when I feel like this?? I overload myself with food, food, food. XD And I also overdosed myself with all things Johhny's. I rewatched a few News clips, such as TV appearances, single promotions and whatnot. Think whatever you want to think, but I'm not ready to watch any concerts yet... .______. Also, I'm having an inner battle with myself whether to like the new JE group call 'Sexy Zone'. I mean, the oldest is around 14-15 right?? All I know is that the youngest is 11. And I also watched Kis-My-Ft2's new promo vid, "We Never Give Up", and it left me thinking. Is that group only consisted of three main guys and back-up dancers?? Not once did I see the other four guys sing or even get a close up! Is this some kind of ploy from their company or something?

Also, I've been watching the new ItteQ episode over and over and over again. Cannot stop watching it. *_* it's like I'm seeing Tegoshi in a different light! :D My bias, let me show you it. But srsly, he was gorgeous in this episode. So they made him do acrobatics, with a pizza. I cannot express the amount of time I spend laughing and flailing over him. He looked so... small! I know he's short, but I never really saw how small he looked. Like a little kid. I liked how he actually had to train in order to succeed. His bungee jumps were amazing, yes. But he only had to take deep breaths and plunge head first without second thoughts. In this episode, you can actually see him fail. :D and I think that was the thing I liked the most about this episode. And then, then! During his actual performance, I was like *___________________*. I couldn't stop grinning. It made me think that he was born to be an entertainer. And the way he pleased the fans! x'D You precious thing, you! ♥
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(c) tegoshitie @ tumblr

And with that, here's a picture of Tegoshi:
Before/AfterCollapse )

Since I heard that today is Tegoshi's 9th JE anniversary~ Omedetou Tegoshi~
May you have more reasons to smile in the future. ♥

i hope the world can see how wonderful you are
Shigeaki → you light up my world
I realized that I wasn't able to convey my feelings/thoughts properly to my rl friends about my ~obsession~ with the 'asain boyband'. Well not my fault that they weren't really interested; why ask in the first place anyway?? They should've known that I was going to take them seriously. That, or I suck at recognizing sarcasm. I probably suck. Man, maybe it's not healthy getting all worked up over a mere boyband... pfftt, yeah right. I love News. ♥ So in general, I suck. Anyway, even though this little incident disullioned me(I kind of hoped I'd be able to convert one of my so called friends into the JE fandom) I'm still not embrassed to pimp my love for them in FB. Or maybe a little, but not enough to make me stop. :D

Also, Shige ~the Elite~ will be releasing a book this coming January. Way to go Shige! The plot seems interesting too, though it isn't nothing new. People think it is a reflection on his life and whatnot. I'm guilty enough to think the same way. But I really am happy for him. I really haven't read any of his writings, yet; but I have read his jweb entries. Wagahai~ I fell in love with his style of writing. Though I don't really like his name change, I liked it better in kanji - it had a beautiful meaning.

On another note, are there any good jdramas to watch?? I've been trying to see one, but it seems I can't get into it. I've tried watching Yasuko to Kenji, and Love Shuffle, but it doesn't get my whole attention~ Any recs?? Here is a complete list of all the dramas i've watched before. xD


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